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E-scooters have been growing in popularity since 2019, despite the controversy surrounding them. They are especially appealing to commuters. But if you live in a commuter town in Hertfordshire, such as Welwyn or Hatfield, where is the best place to buy your e-scooter? Well, Scootered Ltd is an online e-scooter retailer based in Harpenden and they offer a special discount for customers in the nearby towns and cities, including Welwyn and Hatfield. So if you want to buy an electric scooter in Welwyn or Hatfield, is probably the best website to visit.


Currently, they offer the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter for £300 with a 2-year UK based warranty and the Ninebot-Segway ES2 kickscooter for £350 also with a 2-year UK based warranty. I don’t think you will find better priced electric scooters with that kind of warranty somewhere else. Some companies do sometimes have sales that match this, but why not get it from a local retailer who can deliver it at a time that’s convenient for you?

Why So Cheap?

On the webpage linked above, it explains that because they are able to deliver your e-scooter themselves to the local area, it saves them on the cost of paying for a postal service like ParcelForce. Of course, they still have to spend their own time and petrol getting you your e-scooter so it seems like a genuinely generous offer. It also means you can get your scooter delivered at a time of your choosing and you know exactly where you’re buying it from (and supporting a business local to Welwyn).

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