How To Ride An E-Scooter


This post and the embedded video looks at riding an e-scooter. It uses the popular Xiaomi M365 as an example. This is the most popular scooter in the UK. The Ninebot-Segway ES2, the second-most popular scooter worldwide, works in an almost identical way (as do other scooters).

Folding And Unfolding

The majority of electric scooters are foldable. Like most of these foldable scooters, the Xiaomi has a simple locking system at the base of the stem. How the different e-scooter then lock into their folded position does differ, but on the Xiaomi M365, the back of the bell is designed to attach to a notch on the rear mudguard. The only downside is that this means the bell is not removable on the M365. Detaching the bell from the mudguard is more fiddly than attaching it.

Starting And Moving

You turn on the electric scooter by pressing down the power button once. On the Xiaomi M365, pressing it again will turn on the light, whereas pressing it twice in quick succession will turn on the eco-mode. Even though you have turned on the scooter, the accelerator will not actually work immediately. In order for the motor to engage, you need to have some momentum first. You thus have to push-off and, once you are moving, pressing down on the accelerator button on the right-hand handlebar will engage the motor. The brake is on the left-hand side. The brake may be another button or more like a bicycle brake (as with the Xiaomi).

Standing On Your Scooter

There are three main ways to stand on an e-scooter. Most people ride with one foot further ahead of their other foot. In skateboarding parlance, having your left foot forward would be called an orthodox stance, while having your right foot forward would be the goofy stance. The third most common stance is with both feet together, seen in the left-hand photo.

There is more detail on riding a Xiaomi M365 specifically.

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