How To Ride An E-Scooter

Introduction This post and the embedded video looks at riding an e-scooter. It uses the popular Xiaomi M365 as an example. This is the most popular scooter in the UK. The Ninebot-Segway ES2, the second-most popular scooter worldwide, works in an almost identical way (as do other scooters). Folding And Unfolding The majority of electric …
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How To Spot A Fake Xiaomi M365

Introduction The¬†Xiaomi M365¬†first came to prominence in North America in 2017 and then Europe in 2018 when scooter hire-companies Bird and Lime put them on the streets of various cities. This resulted in a surge in retail demand, which led to a global shortage as Xiaomi struggled to keep up with demand. In global shortage …
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